3 1/2 yrs. That’s just to long

I recently had sex (pause for applause) and I must admit that it was way better than my first time. I didn’t meet her the traditional way like the normal, attractive people in this world met. I met her online, Thank you Craigslist. If it wasn’t for Craigslist, I would probably……….. I would still be a virgin. She was a really nice woman and I can’t thank her enough. I almost forgot the gentle feeling of a woman’s  touch. I really think I enjoy the progress to the actually act of sex. The kissing, caressing, and just the feeling when you lay next to each other with the anticipation of wanting some one. I was nervous meeting her. To make her feel comfortable, we met a downtown for First Friday just for a walk and talk greeting so she can see want she is dealing with and to be the judge for herself so she can have a choice to continue or fall back. The night was fun getting to know each other, trying to feel comfortable with one another. I didn’t expect the night to go where it went. She wanted to get a hotel because I live with my parents and she has 6 roommates.  I only had $40 on me and I couldn’t find a respectable hotel, so she had an idea to go to Our Lady of the Lake University. We walked around just talking and then she starting leading me off the paved path into the trees of the park. I have to say I was a little scared but we ended up laying down holding each other. We started kissing and she started to take my pants off. I was one of the best experiences of my life. I never imagine that I would have sex outside and like it. But because of my luck in life, I probably ruined a good thing. I drive her back to her car and talked some more. We started kissing again and of course I got and erection. She reluctantly gave me a goodnight hand job and I accidentally came all over her arm and dashboard. The look on her face was clear that I’ll probably never see her again. Once again, I find some happiness in life and I do something dumb unintentionally to ruin it. Oh well, guess I’ll work on my next Craigslist post and mention on the post not to be gross out with sperm.

~ by jjorta on June 7, 2011.

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